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Discover Fergusson wines through the ultimate wine club experience with your favourite wines, exclusive offers and special events


Up to 25%OFF wine purchases.


EXCLUSIVE Wine Club offers.


Access to Limited Release estate vintages.


VIP access to special events.


FREE Shipping on all orders.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my own wines?

Yes, select the Choose Your Own Pack, the frequency of delivery you need, and then select the wines that you have a yearning for. You are in complete control, because you know what you like.

Can I leave the wine choice up to you?

For sure. If you don’t want to worry about which wines arrive or you just love a surprise, we will be happy to put a pack together just for you. Our winemaker knows their stuff, so feel free to leave it to them.

What happens when the vintages change?
We will roll the wines onto the next vintage, so you won’t miss out. If by any chance we don’t make that particular wine that vintage- we will get in contact to let you know. It’s farming after all and anything can happen.
What is the cost of shipping?
Your subscription includes free shipping anywhere in Australia. As members of the Wine club, we also provide free shipping on any extra purchases you make.
Can I update my own details?
Yes, you can manage EVERYTHING when you log in to your account- from the wines you want to your delivery details. Click here to access your account if you already have created one. If not, go through the signup process and upon checking out you will create an account with a password.
Can I change my wines for my Choose Your Own Pack?
Yes, please log in to your Account page and change to your heart’s content. Make sure you do it two weeks before your next delivery is due though as we may have been very efficient and got it all packed and ready for you.
Can I change the frequency of delivery?

Yes, please log in to your Account page and change away. Please note, after switching, we will be in touch with you to confirm when you would like to receive your next pack.

What discounts are available?
Discounts are based on the number of bottles and/or frequency of delivery.

Every Three Months

  • 3 bottles- 15% Discount (12 bottles a year)
  • 6 Bottles – 20% Discount (24 bottles a year)
  • 12 Bottles – 25% Discount (48 bottles a year)

Every Six Months

  • 3 bottles- 10% Discount (6 bottles a year)
  • 6 Bottles – 15% Discount (12 bottles a year)
  • 12 Bottles – 20% Discount (24 bottles a year)

Every Twelve Months

  • 3 bottles- 5% Discount (3 bottles a year)
  • 6 Bottles – 10% Discount (6 bottles a year)
  • 12 Bottles – 15% Discount (12 bottles a year)
How do I receive my discount on purchases other than wine club?
Make sure you log into your account when you are making your purchase online. Once logged in you will receive the discount based on your bottle amount/frequency of delivery. Please note that there are some very special, tiny release wines for which discount won’t be available- like our iconic .… We are sorry about that, but the good news is, you will be able to have first dibs on buying some.
If I upgrade my frequency of delivery will I get a better discount on my purchases?
Yes. You will receive discounts based on your bottle amount/frequency of delivery.
If I downgrade my frequency of delivery will I lose my ongoing discount from my previous delivery schedule?
Yes. Your discounts are based on your bottle amount/delivery schedule.
Am I locked in or can I cancel at any time?
There is a 12-month minimum membership of our Wine Club. Send us an email here and we can sort out your cancellation.
Are my Credit Card details stored on the site?
No. We can’t possibly be trusted with such precious information and quite frankly we don’t want the responsibility. We use professionals to store all credit card information.
I have forgotten my password how do I retrieve it?
Please navigate to the My Account page by clicking here. On this page, you can click on “Lost Password”.
I just need to speak to a real person.
No worries. Ring us on +61 3 5965 2237 or send us an email to with your number and we will give you a call back.

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Off the beaten path, the beauty in the estate’s perfectly imperfect space pulses with natural light and heart. You’ll see and seek and find. Just follow your nose and go where the day takes you.

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