Our Story

The Story

Where character runs deep within our vines.

In a valley home to 50 wineries and 110 vineyards, rows of trees protect 20 acres of harvesting land. The first planting took place in 1968 by two brothers. They made it a home. They hung their family crest on a farmhouse wall … and they gave the land their namesake, Fergusson.

In the following years the vineyard saw its first commercial vintage, a communal restaurant, the birth of their children, who along with their mother, would later become the keepers of the land. And then, the end of an era – the entire estate burned in the fire of 1989.

Not a single vine was harmed.

With every end comes the dawn of a new day. The following year saw the bearing of a record vintage. The following decades saw the ebbs and flows of winemaking, and farming, and cooking, and community, and family life. It’s a rich history that continues to grow through the preservation and transformation of the land and the people who occupy it.

Today, half a century later, the family continue to share their passion for the drop through a vineyard experience that sees you eating, drinking and escaping into a natural and relaxed setting.

Celebrating Fifty Years 1968-2018

Fergusson Winery And Restaurant
Your Place To Eat, Drink and Escape…

The People

Ours is a farmer’s approach. We sow fertile soils to produce good products – to harvest future growth.

Our hands get dirty. We feel a connection with the land. This relationship goes beyond what’s in front of us – it’s about cultivating togetherness.

We marry local food – from busy markets – with our wine, to celebrate community and kinship, to offer a taste of the land through the labour of the people.

Our vineyard is our lifeblood. So, ours is a family approach too. Like all families – it’s a source of love in many ways. Like all families, not one is ever the same.

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS 1968 – 2018

The Land

A small north-south running valley is the home to our half-century old vineyard. Its beauty exists in the unassuming simplicity of its character.

We work off the lay of the land. The cool climate region promises boldness, sweetness, acidity and zest, equally in measure. Because the vines are so old … vintage, the flavour is born from the roots. And that is unfakeable.

We embrace the old as new. That’s our legacy. That and the fruit of our labour … poured into every last drop.

You see, not all vines are created equal.