The Story

In a valley home to 50 wineries and 110 vineyards, rows of trees protect 20 acres of harvesting land. The first planting took place in 1968 by two brothers. They made it a home. They hung their family crest on a farmhouse wall … and they gave the land their namesake, Fergusson.

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS 1968 – 2018

The Wines

Growing season climatic conditions are midway between those of Bordeaux and Burgundy – the two great wine regions of France. That’s why the Yarra Valley is known for producing classic French style wines … the very essence of each Fergusson drop.

The Weddings

Nestled in a gardenscape with surrounding vines The Forever Chapel has a charming, rustic exterior, vintage pews that mark a moment in time, and a spectacular 360-degree view of the vineyard. From unusual love stories to fairytale romances and all the odes to love in between, our beloved vines have witnessed it all.

The People

Our hands get dirty. We feel a connection with the land. This relationship goes beyond what’s in front of us – it’s about cultivating togetherness.

The Events

From corporate functions to milestone celebrations, the picturesque landscape of Fergusson estate lends the perfect backdrop to any celebration or event.

The Food

Our approach is about the subtle details. Our food is locally produced and sourced. It’s simple, honest yet elegant … above all it embraces a wholesome culinary mode.

Off the beaten path, the beauty in the estate’s perfectly imperfect space pulses with natural light and heart. You’ll see and seek and find. Just follow your nose and go where the day takes you.